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Analytical Systems International – H2S in Liquids On-line Analyser

The ability to analytically quantify H2S in liquid phase such as naphtha, water, crude oil (light, medium and heavy), condensate and gasoline is enhanced with the Sample Transfer Stripper, exclusive ASI Membrane Technology and ratiometric colorimetric technologies offered by Analytical Systems International (ASI). This principle of operation is described in various ASTM methods including D4084-82, D4468-85, and D4045-81.

The process of measuring H2S in liquid samples requires the H2S to be representatively separated from the liquid for measurement in the gas phase. The problematic and complicated ‘Headspace’ system, which often suffers from liquid carry-over, is not required for this separation. ASI utilizes the state-of-the-art Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) with exclusive ASI Membrane Technology to efficiently and reliably separate the H2S from the liquid sample. The STS is an extremely simple device that provides an ultra-clean and dry sample to the detector for analysis. The STS uses 90% fewer parts than the complicated ‘Headspace’ method. This results in radically reduced maintenance requirements when compared to the headspace method and also enhances analytical reliability. ASI is established as the world-wide leader in H2S in liquids analysis due to the many benefits of this exclusive technology.

The principle of operation is based on a continuous, free-flowing liquid sample into the heated Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) unit which separates the liquids from the H2S gas sample, based in part on Henry’s Law. H2S free carrier air then sweeps the H2S sample to the H2S specific detector for quantitative analysis in ppb, ppm, or percent levels. The analyzer does not require zero or span field calibrations.

The detection technology is based on chemically specific density changes. The advanced lead acetate sensing tape utilized in our analyzers is the only detection method that is absolutely specific to H2S and does not require calibrations in the field. As few as 3-6 tape changes per year are required. Optical illumination & detection are integrated for maximum resolution accuracy. Economic payout is increased because of this automated & continuous process. Laboratory version is also available. Patents and Patents Pending based on letters that are available on request.

H2s In Crude Oil Analyzer


• Conformity to ASTM Methods
• Specific to H2S Only
• Accurate and Continuous Analysis
• Quantitative Measurement in PPB, PPM & Percent Levels
• Push Button Validation
• Proven Reliability
• Normal Calibrations Not Required
• Fast Response Time
• Remote control & monitoring: Remotely monitor and control the analyzer using PC with optional communications software. Connect wirelessly with 3G/4G


• Measure H2S in light crude, medium crude and heavy crude oil
• Measure H2S in condensate
• Measure H2S in water
• Measure H2S in gasoline & diesel
• Measure H2S in naphtha
• Measure H2S in amine

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