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Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief

All pressurised systems, conforming to the appropriate National and International standards, are limited to a maximum overpressure during pressure relief. The maximum pressure is limited according to the applicable standard, whether its AS1210, AS 1358, ASME V111 or the European PED – pressure equipment directive.

CMC Technologies provides pressure relief solutions for safe and instantaneous pressure relief for overpressure situations in a diverse range of applications and industries. Our pressure relief devices include Rupture Discs, Pressure and vacuum relief valves, Pseudo Pin pressure relief valves for primary and secondary relief applications.


These rupture discs are produced by FDC, who have over 25 years of experience in this highly competitive international market. Their products can be specified to product standards including KS B ISO 4126, KOSHA, ASME Code Section VIII, API RP520, and the ISO-9001:2008 quality system.

FDC is making continuous efforts in new product development and quality improvement of existing products to protect your plant and personnel from hazards including explosions.

Their main products are used as pressure safety devices in applications including unpressurised storage containers, various pressurised containers, industrial plants, reactors, and ships, and the performance and quality of the products have been proven by FDC’s participation in the Defence Industry.

CMC Technologies represented MARSTON between 1999-2016. CMC Technologies became the exclusive distributor for FDC bursting discs, manufactured in Korea in 2016. We offer alternative fast delivery and lower cost solutions to most other manufacturers, including Marston conventional tension loaded disc types CS, NT/NR N TG/NRGand Marston Reverse buckling disc types MN/MO, RBH, RBF, LRB, LRF, SRBH, RBX and Marston Sanivent, Marston Graphite Discs type GR, Monoblock and GRB.

KITO Armaturen GmbH Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves and Flame Arrester Combinations – Tank Storage

KITO is regarded as a world leader in the design and manufacture of tank protection, and access valves to limit the pressure and vacuum created by changes in atmospheric pressure. As pressure rises or falls, KITO pressure relief valves allow the tank to breathe, preventing damage and spillage to ensure the safety of personnel and the surrounding environment. KITO pressure relief valves, vacuum relief valves, and combined pressure and vacuum relief valves can be weight, spring, or pilot-operated and combined with KITO flame arresters for end-of-line applications.

· KITO Pressure/Vacuum Valves

Safety First Valve  – Pressure Relief & Vacuum Relief Valves – Sanitary & Aseptic Processes

Safety First Valve manufactures Sanitary Vacuum and Pressure relief Valves. CMC Technologies represents Safety First Valve in Australia, New Zealand, and Asian Markets.

Safety First Valve strives to offer customers sound engineering solutions, quality products, and excellent customer service all while keeping the cost of products below industry standards.

Since 2001, the Quick Clean line of sanitary pressure relief valves and vacuum breakers have been used throughout the globe. These products offer our customers reliability, adjustability, and affordability.

· Safety First Valve Sanitary Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves

The Guardian pseudo pin pressure relief valve is a quick-opening, full-line capacity pressure relief valve. It uses force vectoring and pseudo-pin technology to eliminate pins, seals, and membranes required by traditional pin valves. This patent pending design is superior to current pin valves due to the repeatability across a broad range of set pressures and service conditions.

· Guardian Valve Pseudo Pin Valve

CMC Technologies represented Marvac, A division of Safety Systems UK from 1999-2016. In 2017 CMC Technologies formed a new exclusive distribution relationship with Kito. We now provide alternate tank blanketing valves to Marvac’s model 77A etc via KITO. In addition, KITO provides Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves that are used to prevent unacceptable levels of positive and negative pressure in closed systems such as liquid storage tanks. Weight-loaded and spring-loaded valves are provided depending on the pressure settings. Deflagration-proof PV valves are also available and integral to the body of the PV valve. Endurance Burn options with IIB3 gas groupings are also available.


CMC Technologies represented Marvac, A division of Safety Systems UK from 1999-2016. In 2017 CMC Technologies formed a new exclusive distribution relationship with KITO. We now provide alternate emergency Vent manways to Marvac’s models 785 and 786 etc via KITO.





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