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Pressure Shock Resistant Silos – Thorwesten Vent

Pressure shock resistant silos for pulverized fuels – complete supply, top only supply or engineering for 3rd party fabrication and erection.

Site-welded or workshop welded silos. Also available: segmented bolted constructions for super fast erection

Tv Silo

A: Flat roof design –
pressure shock resistant

Cost reducing – saves the platform

The design includes all interfaces for infeed box, nuisance filter, explosion vent(s), instrumentation and access.

Silo A

B: Silo hull –
pressure shock resistant

For solid fuels, volume up to 3,000 m³

With cone aeration as discharge aid and auxiliary hardware. Special versions with flat bottom and special discharge techniques for fuels with poor flow characteristics. Designed for support by others, complete with support or skirted (stand alone).

Silo B