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Smouldering Fire Protection – CO Detection – Early Warning

Robecco Explosion Prevention Systems and Automation

Robecco - Explosion Prevention Systems

Robecco Dryer Protection (RDP) – NEW


A modern CO system for the Australian and New Zealand Dairy Industry

Early Smouldering Fire Detection System

Fires and explosions generate high risks for people, the environment and production installations. The consequences are significant developments of heat and pressure. The fire and explosion safety of an installation is determined by risk factors of the process and products.

High drying temperatures and material product characteristics can develop dangerous smouldering fires in the production process.

Use of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analysis for early fire detection is recommended according to VDI guideline 2263 part 7 and 7.1 . Gas analysing is a proven technology.

Early detection of smouldering fires allows the operators to mitigate fire propagation with help of technical measures. Continuous Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring is essential to ensure prevention against fires and explosions.

Application: F.e. monitoring of smouldering fires in dryers

the robecco CO System provides improvements in many areas – contact CMC Technologies

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Robecco Silo Automation (RSA)

robecco silo automation controls in a reliable way silo plants to ensure a continuous operation for the production. Periphery equipment like filling stations, weighing units, conveyors, filters and extraction systems are integrated in the control concepts.

robecco supports all projects with engineering, commissioning and training services.

robecco silo automation includes hardware and software for the complete silo control with adaption to upper PLC´s. Software and hardware are optimized adapted on the process and will be adjusted during the commissioning phase.

Optionally integrated are following products:

  • robecco G.A.S.
  • robecco secure center
  • robecco inert control
  • robecco dust control

robecco silo automation monitors and controls the following processes and equipment:

  • Analyser systems
  • Temperature sensors
  • Filling measurement
  • Pressure sensors
  • Exhaust filters
  • Explosion vents
  • Isolation equipment
  • Filling stations
  • Extraction systems
  • Weighing units
  • Quantity measuring units
  • Inerting systems
  • Earthing systems
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Robecco Inert Control (RIC)

robecco inert control RIC is an automated control system for inerting systems which will be operated with CO2 or N2. To reduce limiting oxygen concentrations (LOC) for preventive explosion protection under critical limits it is necessary to purge inert gases like CO2 or N2 into the process atmospheres.

robecco inert control offers a complete and flexible solution for inerting systems.

A Touchpanel realizes operation and visualisation. Plant situations and relevant parameters like weights, filling levels and valve limits are monitored on the screen. All failure situations are monitored for the operator.

robecco inert control is designed and engineered for all different processes. Different power supplies allows a flexible application. robecco supports all projects with engineering, commissioning and training services.


Robecco Dust Control (RDC) – NEW

The operating of a modern filter system without permanent control of dust emissions is currently not conceivable. This is relevant, not only in the view of the responsible authorities, but also the operators can see important advantages. Emission measurement and filter monitoring with one device will avoid visible plumes, simplifying the maintenance of filtration systems beginning by early filter damages, locating defective filter elements, possibility of targeted maintenance measures, avoidance of product losses.

Filtercontroller RDC 100C and RDC 200 ATEX

A filter controller is a perfect device in order to determine effective damages at filtering precipitators. The use of the triboelectric measuring principle (change transfer of particles at conductive surface) guarantees a simple installment and handling.