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ATC – Anders Thulin Consulting

ATC was founded in 1990 after a long period of collaboration between safety engineer Thorsten Ahlquist and chemical engineer Anders Thulin. Thorsten Ahlquist served for many years as safety engineer for the paint manufacturer Alfort & Cronholm in Stockholm.
In the spring of 1981 there was an explosion in a paint mixer at the manufacturing plant of Klint, Bernhard & Co in Nacka, where Anders Thulin was head of production. At the explosion, two employees were killed and one production unit was completely destroyed. Thorsten Ahlquist then helped restore faith in workplace safety conditions by training personnel and explaining how the accident had occurred. Moreover, he trained the operators so that the same accident would not occur again.
ATC was founded to market proper equipment for grounding (as opposed to jumper cables and similar ad hoc solutions) as well as to spread knowledge regarding static electricity to those who work with and handle fire and explosion hazardous materials.
In the latter part of the 20th century, knowledge regarding static electricity was scarce among production personnel in the chemical industry. They neither knew what caused it nor how to get rid of static electricity in a safe way.
Grounding equipment was the foundation of our product catalogue, but over time we have added instruments and safety containers as well. ATC have developed their own products, such as the safety funnel DrumSafe®, the grounding clamp SparkSafe®, and the decontamination shovel ShovSafe®.

Static Earthing