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Sanitary & Aseptic Pressure Relief Valves or Vacuum Relief Valves

Safety First Valve – Sanitary Pressure Relief Valves or  Vacuum Relief Valves

Safety First Valve (formerly Safety First Technology) designs and manufactures quality pressure and vacuum relief products for customers in the biotech, pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries.

Safety First Valve provides sound engineering solutions, quality products, excellent customer service and cost effective pricing.

Since 2001, the Quick Clean line of sanitary pressure relief valve and vacuum breakers have been used throughout the globe. These products offer our customers reliability, adjustability and affordability.


Sanitary Relief Valves

The “Quick Clean” series of sanitary relief valves were designed with input from leading manufacturers in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and food/beverage industries. This unique design allows for Clean-In-Place (CIP) with the valve disc flush with the flat surface of the inlet. The valve can quickly and easily be disassembled for sterilization and reassembled without affecting the set pressure of the valve. The valve can be installed vertically, inverted, or at a 90 degree angle. The Quick Clean valve is a soft seat, modulating relief valve with a set pressure as low as 1 psig and up to 200 psig.

Higher pressure may be available upon request. Electropolishing to a fine surface finish is also available as an option.

Sanitary Vacuum Breakers

Safety First Valve has developed an innovative sanitary vacuum breaker to meet the stringent needs of the life sciences and food/beverage industries. The Quick Clean vacuum breaker provides vacuum relief from a 1” water column to full vacuum.  The unique design allows for CIP and quick disassembly for sterilization. The vacuum breaker can be quickly dissassembled and then be reassembled without affecting the set pressure.

Optional Electropolishing is available where fine surface finishing is required.