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Marston – Sanivent Hygienic / Sanitary Rupture Disc / Holder Assemblies

Marston Sanivent discs are the product of the RBH range of reverse buckling discs being adapted for use in the well-proven hygienic clamp fittings, widely adopted by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, brewing, dairy and similar industries; anywhere that high levels of hygiene are essential.

The discs are provided with a profiled seal that conforms exactly to the pipe ferrule flanges ensuring that there are no crevices for product deposits. The non-fragmenting disc design is such that there will be minimal restriction to vent flow in the event of the disc rupturing due to an excessive pressure.

These discs have been designed to conform to the requirements of internationally accepted standards such as BS 4825: Part 3 (1991); DIN 32676 (2001) and ISO 2852 (1993).

The Standard ‘Sanivent’ reverse buckling disc is manufactured StSt 316, though other materials may be available. The pre-formed gasket is suitable for the required duty, with EPDM Rubber being the standard material conforming to ‘USP Class VI’ where applicable. Other high performance seal materials such as PEEK can also be specified.



Fragmentation: None
Operating Ratio: Up to 90%
Vacuum Duty: Generally Full Vacuum
Pressure Cycling Duties: Excellent
Construction: Full Metal – No Cutting Devices


Marston is fully committed to an ongoing Total Quality Improvement programme. This was recognised with Marston audited and approved to design and manufacture bursting discs with its Quality Control procedure registered to the highest standard required by BS EN ISO 9001 Certification.

Quality is an integral part of all processes to provide customer satisfaction and confidence.

RBH bursting discs are manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standard, including BS 2915, AD Merkblatt A1, ISPE SL, ASME VIII, ISO 6719, and EN ISO 4126.

UD Certification in accordance with ASME Section VIII has been applied for.

All of the Marston standard disc designs have been approved for use in accordance with the requirements of the P.E.D., 97/23/EC.


Standard tolerance on all Sanivent bursting discs over 2.76 Bar (40.0 psi) is ± 5%. For lower pressures, standard is ± 0.14 Bar (2.0 psi). Standard Manufacturing Range is -5%. Improved tolerances may be available, please contact us for further assistance.

The Effect of Temperature:

Changes in temperature affect all bursting disc materials. Typically, as the temperature rises, the material strength reduces and the bursting pressure falls. Reverse buckling discs depend on dome profile as well as the material thickness to determine the bursting pressure.

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