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Warom Technology Incorporated Company is a highly reputable and trustworthy leader in the explosion-proof industry. With a registered capital of 41.5 million USD, they specialize in manufacturing top-quality explosion-proof lighting fixtures and apparatus for various industrial, mining, marine, and offshore applications. They are also known for producing specialized portable lighting solutions, as well as waterproof and dustproof light fittings and apparatus. Customers can rely on Warom Technology Incorporated Company for their extensive experience and dedication to providing reliable and safe products in the field of explosion-proof technology.

CMC Technologies proudly represents Warom Technology in Australia and Oceania. As a trusted representative, CMC Technologies is committed to upholding the same level of excellence and reliability that Warom Technology is known for worldwide. With their extensive knowledge of the explosion-proof industry and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, CMC Technologies ensures that businesses in Australia and Oceania have access to the highest quality explosion-proof lighting fixtures and apparatus from Warom Technology. Customers can trust in the partnership between CMC Technologies and Warom Technology to provide them with reliable and innovative solutions for their industrial, mining, marine, and offshore needs.


IECEX certified Explosion Proof BAK51 Series and BAK85 Series Process Lights