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Emergency Inerting

Emergency Inerting Systems – Yara Industrial

CMC Technologies supplies Yara Industrial bespoke Emergency Inerting Systems to prevent fires and explosions by introducing inert gases into the process, reducing the oxygen level below the critical concentration level, making it impossible for a fire or explosion to occur.

Bespoke emergency inerting solutions for industrial explosion and smoldering fire prevention

Depending on the specific safety requirements of the client and industry (cement, power plant, coal, grain), Yara offers solutions based on proprietary, proven reliable technology. Yara delivers comprehensive service from the study of the risks to the installation of anti-explosion protection systems and supply of the inert gases necessary for the systems to function. With more than 450 references worldwide, Yara’s inerting expertise has the solution to meet your safety needs.

Yara designs, installs and services reliable emergency inerting systems using inert gases for fire and explosion prevention. Yara fire and explosion safety systems effectively deliver:

  • Prevention of smoldering fires
  • Explosion prevention
  • Auto-ignition prevention
  • Oxidation prevention

Main sectors served by Yara Emergency Inerting Systems:

  • Cement
  • Power
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Paints and lacquers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Food
  • Detergent manufacturers
  • Adhesive and solvent manufacturers

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