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Delta M Corporation

A common thread of Delta M Corporation’s product offerings is their basis in superior thermal measurement. Their very first products were in nuclear reactor core coolant level monitoring using small diameter differential thermocouples fabricated using unique and proprietary technology.

Subsequent to supplying thermal based reactor core cooling sensors to the nuclear market, a simple liquid level switch was introduced to the process industries. Applications in tank, vessel, and sump liquid level detection provides for safe process operations avoiding spills and overflows.

Flow switches for liquid and gas applications soon followed the level switch products. Pump protection and assuring flow/no flow in various industrial processes expanded the Delta M product reach.

Through acquisition, Delta M expanded their Thermal Device Product offerings to include Mineral Insulated Cable (MIC) production and an array of specialized thermocouple fabrication. Small diameter (< .032 inch) thermocouples are fabricated for individual use or drawn into multipoint assemblies for various applications in industry, turbine testing, and research.

World class products demand world class quality assurance. In 2005, Delta M obtained its ISO 9001/2000 certification from United Laboratories which was updated to ISO 9001/2008 in 2010.

Reliable quality products have also attracted the attention of other suppliers in the industry. Over the years, Delta M has licensed products to competitors, brand labeled products for specific vendors, and have become an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for still other vendors in the process instrumentation marketplace.

Thermal Mass Flow Switches & Transmitters

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