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Mid-West Instrument Model 522 Rolling Diaphram DP Gauge

Model 522 Rolling Diaphragm Type 3-Color DP Gauge
Model522 3color
  • Cost Effective, Simple, rugged, compact design.
  • 3-Color, Green Clean / Yellow Change / Red Dirty Dial standard
  • Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic Gauge Front Is Standard
  • Weather resistant construction standard
  • Shatter Resistant Lens
  • Accuracy ±5% Full Scale(Ascending)
  • Operating Temp. -40° F to +200° F (-40°C to +93°C)
  • One year Limited Warranty on every gauge.


Product Features/Benefits

Model 522 Differential Pressure Gauge & Switch is a compact, weather resistant gauge for challenging DP Applications and installations when quickly identifying critical differential pressures are required. It is suitable for use in outdoor and “Hose Down” applications. The Rolling Diaphragm Sensing Element isolates the high and low side. Example: Used to determining the state of an in-line filter. Filtration systems require monitoring to maintain a level of performance specified by the manufacturer for the continued expectations of the end user. Colored bands allow you to quickly identify pressure drop across element. Divided into three sections, each clearly marked for ease of understanding. Model 522 is suited for filter applications, line loss, valve drop, and many other differential pressure applications where a simple indicator is needed. Used to indicate critical pressure drops or when to change or clean a filter. Model 522 is suited for use in Air, Gas, Dissimilar fluids, Wet Gas and process fluids with particulates present. Available with or without DIN Plug type switch

  • Simple Rugged Designs
  • Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic Gauge Front Is Standard
  • Weather Resistant & Corrosion Resistant Gauge Front
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Differential Pressure Range 0-5 PSID to 0-50 PSID(3-Color Dials)
  • Accuracy ±5% of Full Scale (Acending)
  • Dial Size 2-1/2″ Rd. (Standard)
  • Working Pressure:
    • 1000 PSI (69 bar)
  • Proof Pressure:
    • 2000 PSI (138 bar)
  • Material of Construction – Body Aluminum, 316 Stainless Steel, or Acetal
  • Materials of Construction – Internals 316 Stainless Steel, Elastomer Diaphragm & Acetal Components
  • Switch Option
    • Hermetically Sealed switch
    • DIN 43650/IP65/NEMA 4X Plug-in Connector (Compression Plug accepts 4.5 to 7mm cable)
    • Output: – SPST 60W, 3 amps, 240 VAC/VDC, Normally Open
  • CE Marked in Accordance With Low Voltage Directive

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