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SparkSafe® Clamp & Cable

Static electricity is an ever-present and significant hazard for operations taking place in flammable, combustible or potentially explosive atmospheres. The uncontrolled build up and discharge of electrostatic must be avoided in these environments in order to prevent ignition to protect people, plant, processes and the environment.


SparkSafe Clamp and Cable

Main advantages of SparkSafe®
· No sparks if dropped or subjected to great impact
· The clamp teeth will penetrate paint, rust, and dirt to get good contact with object
· Safe steel cable that not will break even when bent millions of times
· No sparks if attached to moderately charged objects
· Ergonomically designed for easy use even for small hands
· Wide opening for attaching to larger objects
· Suitable for use in cold temperatures – stays warmer to touch
· Corrosion resistant
· Lightweight

Available in 3m and 5m cable lengths