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Marston – GR Graphite Rupture Discs

Marston GR Graphite Discs incorporate a unique recess arrangement ensuring non-torque sensitivity when clamping the flange bolts, a feature not associated with the universal flat Series 2 designs.

The additional use of pure superior grade graphite, impregnated with high quality resins achieves close burst tolerance performance.

All graphite discs fragment upon bursting and are not recommended for relief valve protection.



  • Non-Torque Sensitive
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for gas or liquid applications
  • Size range 25-600mm
  • Working burst pressure ratio up to 80%
  • Wide burst pressure range
  • Low burst pressure availability

Reverse Pressure / Vacuum:

Discs subjected to reverse pressure or vacuum may require the addition of a ‘dial’ or bar support. Vent area will be reduced, contact CMC for further details.

Discs with a burst pressure above 1.7 barg will withstand full vacuum without additional support.

Temperature Shields:

Graphite discs are suitable for temperatures ranging from -70°C to 180°C. For higher temperatures the disc can be protected using a Temperature Shield, for use up to 500°C.

Temperature Shields must not be used with reverse pressure / vacuum supports.