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Static Earthing & Fluid Level Monitoring

Static Earthing, Static Grounding, and Bonding Solutions

Ignition hazards of static electricity are well known. Static earthing clamps and systems are used to handle flammable liquids, where a single spark could have disastrous consequences if discharged in a hazardous atmosphere. Static charge buildup can occur when handling and storing flammable liquids. To avoid the buildup of static electricity, the ALPTEC range of grounding clamps and cables, as well as the SparkSafe and ShovSafe ranges from ATC, can assist in securing your plant and personnel when filling or emptying portable metal containers, drums, and vessels and for protecting the plant by earthing road tankers. If you store and handle flammable liquids and there is a potential for ignition of a flammable or combustible atmosphere due to electrostatic discharge, we have the equipment to protect your plant.

We have products that perform the grounding but also can monitor the resistance to earth with battery-operated indicating clamps for hazardous areas or dedicated earthing systems for road tanker earthing and where relays are used to stop the transfer process of flammable liquids.

ALPTEC – Grounding Clamps & Cables

ALPTEC specialises in providing safety equipment and service for petrochemical industries. Currently, there are two categories of products: Static Grounding Clamps and Alarm Series / Earthing Systems / Road Tanker Earthing / Grounding Systems and Overfill Prevention and Static Grounding Protector Series.

1. Used for drums grounding;
2. Die-cast aluminium body, explosion protection;
3. Dimension: 112mm × 85mm × 25mm; Weight: 140g;
4. Can be assembled with stainless steel wire.

5. ATEX Approved

1. Single-core spiral cable with copper wire and green anti-UV / static dissipative polyurethane coating.
2. Available in 1m, 2m, 4m, 7m, 10m, and 15m lengths.

1. With ATEX Approved clamp.
2. The patented non-contact speed limiting device makes sure the stainless-steel wire can be retracted with uniform speed to avoid high-speed accidents
3. The static grounding clamp can be located at any place
4. It can be mounted on the tank car.

Cable lengths: 7m, 10m, 15m, and 20m

1. With ATEX Approved clamp
2. The patented non-contact speed limiting device makes sure the stainless steel wire can be retracted with uniform speed to avoid high-speed accidents
3. The static grounding clamp can be located at any place
4. It can be mounted on the tank car.
Cable length: 15m (other lengths as an option)

• Body: Stainless steel
• Cable: 40 meters nylon coated SS wire (3mm diameter)
• Shaft: Stainless steel
• Brush: Carbon
• Static clamp: Aluminum clamp with bronze jaws

• Body: Stainless steel
• Cable: 7 meters nylon coated SS wire
• Shaft: Stainless steel
• Static clamp: Self-monitoring ground clamp SA-Y with visual and audible alarm

Model: SA-YL

Alarm: Audible alarm

Alarm Volume: >90dB (measured at a 30cm straight distance)

Monitoring Set Point: 60 ohms

Battery: Lithium battery (3.6V)

Cable length: 7m

Certification: ExiaIICT4

Under certain conditions, a person’s body can be electrostatically charged by friction and natural environmental conditions. The Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm device is designed to prevent the accumulation and accidental discharge of static electricity from a person’s body while providing an audible and visible alarm.

ATC – Exolutions SparkSafe – Static Earthing Clamps

Static electricity is an ever-present and significant hazard for operations taking place in flammable, combustible, or potentially explosive atmospheres. The uncontrolled build-up and electrostatic discharge must be avoided in these environments in order to prevent ignition to protect people, plants, processes, and the environment.

Main advantages of SparkSafe®
· No sparks if dropped or subjected to great impact
· The clamp teeth will penetrate paint, rust, and dirt to get good contact with the object
· Safe steel cable that not will break even when bent millions of times
· No sparks if attached to moderately charged objects
· Ergonomically designed for easy use even for small hands
· Wide opening for attaching to larger objects
· Suitable for use in cold temperatures – stays warmer to touch
· Corrosion resistant
· Lightweight

Available in 3m and 5m spiral cable lengths

ShovSafe decontamination shovel. Made of electrically conductive plastic. Resistant to acids, bases and solvents. Does not cause sparks when used.

WEIGHT: 1100

DIMENSIONS: 1130 x 350mm

Spiral steel wire with orange PVC coating. Cable diameter 5 mm including plastic coating. Diameter of spiral is approximately 50 mm.

Lengths: 1.5 meter, 3 meter, 6 meter

Length Out Features: 55 mm, 110 mm, 220 mm