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Burst Disc Sensors and Accessories

FDC – Burst Disc Sensors and Accessories

These rupture disc accessories are produced by FDC, who have over 25 years of experience in this highly competitive international market. Their products can be specified to product standards including KS B ISO 4126, KOSHA, ASME Code Section VIII, API RP520, and the ISO-9001:2008 quality system.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch

Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve

A kind of check valve to keep the atmospheric condition between Rupture Disc and safety valve of outlet.

Nipple Tee Plug Reducer

Nipple, Tee, Plug, Reducer

Fitting for the installation of pressure gauges, pressure switches, or excess flow valves.

Stud Bolt Nut

Stud Bolt & Nut

Tightening bolt & nut for In/Out Flange.

Eye Bolt

Eye Bolt

It is installed on holders of 8″ nominal diameter or more, on the upper holder, for the ease of handling the heavier weight associated with larger holder sizes.



Sealing for the In/Out flange mating surfaces.

J Hook


J-shaped hooks installed at lower holder

Jack Screw

Jack Screw

It acquires an installation space for the Rupture Disc by welding on In/Out Flange (for maintenance).

Burst Sensor

Burst Sensor

Sensing disc for checking whether Rupture Disc is ruptured or not. Provided with Shield cable (Type – Integrated or Separated)

Junction Box

Junction Box

Terminal box for connecting shield cable of sensor disc.

Rain Hood

Rain Hood

It protects a rupture disc against foreign objects or rain inflow by installation at the side of the rupture disc exposed to the atmosphere.

Heat Shield Blank

Heat Shield

It functions to reduce the high temperature of 300~400℃ by installed heat insulator such as Cerak Wool or Aerogel in front of the Rupture Disc.

MARSTON – Bursting Disc Indicators / Sensors and Other Accessories

Bursting Disc Indicators / Sensors

Once a bursting disc has ruptured, it is often beneficial to shut down relevant plant equipment as quickly as possible. One common method of achieving this is to fit a Burst Disc Indicator. A Burst Disc Indicator is a simple circuit, usually fitted downstream of the bursting disc. The signal is usually received in the plant control room. This then instigates the shutdown of the relevant equipment.

Recognising industries need to minimise maintenance time, Marston now introduce the latest design in Burst Disc Indication.

Marston MAS (Magnetic Alarm System)

The Marston ‘MAS’ eliminates the need to disconnect the electrical supply to the rupture disc assembly, reducing changeover time.

A ‘sensor’ is located in the vent side of the assembly, retained by a screwed compression fitting. The hole into which the sensor fits does not pass through to the holder bore, therefore the sensor does not come into contact with the product contained in the vent line. Attached to the vent side of the disc is a small but powerful magnet. The magnetic field that it generates is detected by the sensor. When the disc ruptures, the magnetic field moves away and activates the sensor. This simple switching effect can be used to initiate an alarm or a programmed shutdown procedure.

The Marston ‘MAS’ provides an integral, leak tight detector. The sensor, once fitted, does not need to be renewed when replacing the rupture disc. It can be unscrewed from the holder and replaced when the new disc is fitted. When the disc is replaced, the new disc includes a magnet already fitted which ensures that it will be installed in the correct position.

Marston MAS with Connection Head

Where an exposed cable is unfavourable, the ‘MAS’ sensor is available with an integral connection head where the wires terminate inside the head which is rated IP68. The wires are never subjected to the often harsh environment of an industrial plant; instead, they pass through a connecting tube between the holder and the connection head via an ‘O’-Ring seal.

Other Accessories

Marston Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves may be fitted to prevent back pressure developing between a bursting disc and, for example, a safety relief valve during normal plant operation. The excess flow valves should be fitted in a horizontal mode. In the event of the disc rupturing, the excess flow valve will seal the vent system under the influence of the pressure pulse.

Marston Jack Screws

To help users to separate the bursting disc holder from the system flanges during overhaul, or following an incident, jack-screws may be required. These are normally incorporated into pipe-flange drillings, although Marston can supply suitable screws if requested.

Marston ‘J’ Bolt

It is important that bursting disc assemblies are mounted in the correct orientation relative to the flow direction. Although the holder is stamped with a flow arrow, and the vent side is also shown on the holder and disc labels, it is often a requirement that the installation is ‘foolproofed’. One such example is a ‘J’ bolt which is welded to the holder and locates in a corresponding hole in one of the flanges. Other methods are also available.