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Pressure Relief Valves – Pseudo Pin – Full Line capacity

Safety First Valve – Pseudo Pin – Pressure Relief Valves

The Guardian Valve is a quick-opening, full line capacity pressure relief valve. The Guardian Valve uses force vectoring and pseudo-pin technology to eliminate pins, seals, and membranes required by traditional rupture pin valves. This patent pending design is superior to current pin valves due to the repeatability across a broad range of set pressures and service conditions.

The valve is suitable for gas or liquid service and can be operated reliably to 90% of its set pressure. ASME standards for rupture discs require the set pressures to be within +/-5% for set pressures above 40 PSIG and +/-2PSIG for set pressure below 40 PSIG. The standards require Rupture Pin Devices to have a tolerance of +/-5% for set pressure of 31 PSIG and above. The pseudo pin valve holds set pressure at tighter tolerances than that required by standards and on request can be certified for better tolerances than that required by the standards.

The Guardian Valve is the most innovative pressure relief device on the market. Its fast response and large relief area allows it to be an alternative for rupture discs. Also because there are no rupture pins to manage , store or replace – the valve is designed to outlast the service life of the plant. This valve is designed to supercede rupture pin valves.

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