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Mid-West Instrument Model 115 “Cryogenic” Differential Pressure Gauge

Mid-West Instrument Model 115 Differential Pressure Gauge

The Mid-West Model 115 Bellows Type Cryogenic Differential Pressure Gauge excels at precisely monitoring cryogenic tank levels. This gauge has been specifically engineered for use with materials such as LOX, CO2, and nitrogen, etc.

Mid West Model 115 Model 116 Bellows Type Dp Gauge Black Cmc
Mid West Model 115 Model 116 Bellows Type Dp Gauge Back Cmc
Mid West Model 115 Model 116 Bellows Type Dp Gauge White Cmc
Mid West Model 115 Model 116 Bellows Type Dp Gauge Back Cmc

Model 115 “Bellows Type Cryogenic” DP Gauge

With its durable bellows sensing element and ±1% full-scale accuracy, the Mid-West Model 115 delivers superior performance. The gauge is built to last with weather and corrosion resistance properties. The gauge is designed to weather the toughest of elements, can be operated in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +93.3°C. The Model 115 offers versatility for a variety of applications, features a 6-inch dial with easy-to-read white lettering on a black background, and optional O-ring materials (Buna-N, Viton, Ethylene Propylene). With the ease of a micro-adjust pointer for greater accuracy, dual top and bottom process connections to ensure the most comprehensive installation.

Mid West Model 115 Model 116 Bellows Type Dp Gauge Black Cmc


  • Accuracy: ±1% of Full Scale
  • DP Range: 0-10″ H2O to 0-69.9″ H2O (25 mbar to 175 mbar)
  • Safe Working Pressure: 1500 PSIG
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Internals: 316 S.S. Welded Multiple Diaphragm
  • Port: Dual Top and Bottom, 1/4″ FNPT connections with optional snubbers
  • Vilton® Standard, other elastomers available
  • 6″ Black Dial with White Lettering (White Dial with Black Lettering)
  • Switch Options only available in ranges starting at 80″ H2O
  • Two times working pressure at ambient temperature
  • Drop in replacement for Barton and Prime Measurements
  • Over-Range Protection, High over Low and Low over High
  • Micro adjust pointer
  • DP Ranges from 0-70″ H2O to 0-800″ H2O
  • Tamper Proof, All adjustments require removal of bezel for access.
  • Snap acting micro switch for alarm (optional)
  • In house Oxygen Cleaning (optional)
  • Private labeling (optional)
  • Black ink on white dial or White ink on back dial
  • 500 PSIG and 1000 PSIG Static Pressure

Common Applications

  • Pressurised Tank Level Monitoring
  • Stationary Tanks- Horizontal or Vertical
  • Tanker Transport
  • Cryogenic/Liquefied Gas Applications

Product Features

  • “Engineered Plastic” gauge front and optional stainless steel body bolts provide superior corrosion resistance in “over-the-road” trailers, outdoor or salt air environments
  • Dry gauge design with no internal liquid fill
  • Eliminates costly clean up from liquid fill leaking and fouling the tank and system
  • No gauge damage/accuracy loss caused by liquid fill expansion/contraction when
  • exposed to temperature shocks in cryogenic applications
  • Up to a 30lb. (14 kg) weight savings on liquid Helium and Hydrogen
  • Allows more products to be transported in mobile trailers
  • Easier and less labor to panel mount
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of mounting configurations
  • Ability to create custom dials for horizontal and vertical tanks