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FDC – Nitrogen Tank Blanketing Valves

FDC – Nitrogen (N2) Tank Blanketing System

The Nitrogen (N2) tank blanketing system is a control device to maintain a constant pressure state by injecting N2 gas (an inert gas) to upper room of the tank.

KSBKL (Low capacity)

KSBKT (High capacity)

KSBKS (Ultra high capacity)

Functions of N2 gas:

· It reduces evaporation loss of the products to minimise the formation of vapour in the tank
· It removes explosive factors by controlling hazardous gas ingredients such as oxygen from vapour space in the tank
· It prevents products from damage by inflow of unnecessary moisture and air
· It prevents explosion by controlling electrostatic spark
· It promotes delivery rate of product by decreasing of discharging time of product
· It prevents the modification of tank by controlling vacuum in the tank


Flow Capacity (Rated Flow):

[Measurements in Nm³/h]

Installation – Layout:


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