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Explosion Vent Area Calculations – Sizing

Explosion Vent Area Calculations – Sizing

CMC Technologies is able to provide preliminary calculations for isolated enclosures according to EN 14491:2012 using the WinVent 4.0 software.

Please choose your application below and provide the relevant dimensions, as well as your product type, Kst, Pmax and Pred, so we can proceed with calculating the required vent area.

Click the relevant picture to download the PDF. Please fill in the boxes and return to sales@cmctechnologies.com.au or fax to +61 2 9669 4111 with the product type, Kst, Pmax, and Pred included in the information.

Silos - Bins - Hoppers
Vessel Silo Rect Top
Vessel Silo Rect Side
Vessel Silo Rect Ext Side
Vessel Silo Cyl Top
Vessel Silo Cyl Side
Vessel Silo Cyl Ext Side
Dust Collectors - Filters - Cyclones
Vessel Filter Rect Top
Vessel Filter Rect Side
Vessel Filter Rect Side Elongate
Vessel Filter Cyl Top
Vessel Filter Cyl Side
Vessel Filter Cyl Side Elongate
Vessel Cyclone
Vessel Building