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Electromagnetic Flow Meters

SMART MEASUREMENT – Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic flowmeters, also known as magnetic flow meters, mag meters, or magflow meters, offer a number of practical advantages over traditional flow metering technologies which employ mechanical measuring techniques.

The simple construction of our electromagnetic flow meters is the key to these advantages. A SmartMeasurement magnetic flow meter does not contain any moving parts, rotating gears or turbines, or bearings. Instead, it relies on two electrodes to measure the density of the induced magnetic field that results from an electrically conductive fluid, such as water, flowing through a pipe. The density of the magnetic field is directly proportional to the fluid velocity of the flowing liquid.

Small Size Low Flow Mini Electromagnetic Flow Meter, ALMAG-MN

  • Comprises of PE, PEEK, or Ceramic liners.
  • Offers a range of fluid velocity from 0.01m/s to 10m/s, suitable for flow-related applications.
  • Incorporates either ½” NPT or BSP process connections.
  • Excellently suited for remarkably low-flow operations.
  • Can come integrated with a PT1000 temperature sensor offering a resolution of -17.72°C (0.1°F).
  • Option to choose from SS #316L or Hastelloy C electrodes.
  • High precision guaranteed – ±0.5% of reading for velocity greater than 0.6m/s or ±3mm/s for velocity less or equal to 0.6m/s.
  • Comes furnished with 4-20mA, 0-5KHz pulse, and 2A relay outputs.
  • RS485 MODBUS available, optional for models with a display, standard for non-display models.

Standard Electromagnetic Flow Meter, ALMGWP

  • Various liner & electrode materials are available to accommodate most industrial applications
  • Fluid velocity range of 0-32 feet/sec, with good performance in low flow applications
  • Flange-type process connections are standard; ANSI, DIN, JIS styles available
  • Optional 5 Amp, form C relay contacts allow high power loads to be controlled directly from the meter
  • IP68 protection class available for applications where the sensor may be immersed in water.
  • Easy-to-read OLED display; visible in low light environments and in direct sunlight, no backlighting necessary
  • High accuracy – ±0.5% of reading (standard) or ±0.2% of range
  • Feature for upright/opposite flowrate test function.
  • Also available with Ceramic Liner, ALMAGWC.

Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter, ALMAGBAT

  • Available in ⅛” – 24″ (3-600 mm) line sizes
  • Will measure a wide range of fluid velocities; 0-50 feet/sec (0-15 m/s)
  • GPRS, CDMA and SRD radio communications available
  • Designed for clean water; fluid conductivity ≥ 20 μS/cm
  • IP68 enclosure; suitable for underground applications
  • Available FEP liner suitable for vacuum applications
  • Excellent accuracy; ±0.5% of reading
  • Empty pipe, current excitation and remaining battery life alarms
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

In-line Electromagnetic Energy Flow Meter, ALMAGEG

  • Available with a wide range of liner materials
  • Fluid Velocity range of 0-32 feet/sec, with good results for low flow applications
  • Flange-type process connections are standard; ANSI, DIN, JIS style available
  • Ideal for energy management applications
  • Non-invasive measuring technique provides low pressure loss and excellent particle tolerance
  • FEP liner available for vacuum pressure applications
  • High accuracy – ±0.5% of reading standard or ±0.2% of range
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • Available with PT100 and PT1000 temperature sensors

High Pressure Electromagnetic Flow Meter, ALMAGHP

  • Various liner/electrode material combinations can be selected in order to achieve chemical compatibility with different fluids.
  • Capable of measuring fluid velocities of up to 40 feet/second (12 m/s), with a high turndown ratio.
  • Flange-type process connections are standard; ANSI, DIN, JIS styles available
  • Suitable for high pressure operation in excess of 6000 psig.
  • IP68 protection class for submersible operation
  • Available FEP liner suitable for vacuum conditions.
  • High accuracy – ±0.5% of reading (standard) or ±0.2% of range
  • Diagnostic features alert the user to empty pipe or reverse flow conditions.

Insertion-Style Electromagnetic Flow Meter, ALMAGIS

  • Applicable sizes: 2″~120″ (50~3000 mm)
  • Operating pressure: = 230 psig (1.6MPa)
  • Velocity range of 3-33 fps (1~10m/s)
  • Accuracy: ±1.5%
  • Hot-tap sensor can be installed and retracted from process piping
  • Conductivity of measured medium: ≤ 20 μs/cm
  • Electrode materials: 316L, Hastelloy, Ti, Ni, Tantalum
  • The max. distance between sensor and converter: =50m (165 feet)
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate