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Thorwesten Vent – Pressure Equalisation Valves

Thorwesten Vent – Pressure Equalisation Valves

To all industries in which inflammable bulk materials with fines content are stored and/or processed, Thorwesten Vent offers innovative products of well proven quality and functionality for the realisation of constructional explosion protection.

Pressure Equalisation Valves or Pressure Vacuum Valves

Thorwesten Vent pressure equalization valves or pressure vacuum valves for a combined neutralization of overpressure and negative pressure in all kinds of vessels.

The TV equalisation valve types G1 and G2 are only intended for the performance data specified in the technical data sheet as protection of a container system by pressure equalisation with the atmosphere.

The container system must be otherwise protected against sudden overpressure or vacuum or suitably designed for this purpose. It is not suitable for explosion pressure venting and is not resistant to sudden pressure changes.

The combined equalisation valve or pressure vacuum valve makes automatic pressure equalisation possible e.g. when blowing in or emptying the container or if the aspiration filter is not working properly.

In the event of differences in pressure, a valve element opens upwards (overpressure) or downwards (vacuum). With increasing difference in pressure, the valve cover opens gradually and closes automatically when pressure equalisation has taken place.

Under equalised pressure, the all-around seals on the valve cover guarantee that no pumping/storage medium gets into the atmosphere and no humidity can get into the container system. The cross-section of pressure equalisation opening required depends on several factors and must be defined when designing the venting concept for the respective application.

In the case of pressure relief, it must be taken into account that there may be an emission of dust, air, or gas, whereby this effect may cover a more or less large area.

Standard design: hot-dip galvanized
Optional: stainless steel, e. g. for chemical industry
Generation: G1 and G2
Size: DN250 and DN800

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