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Fire and Explosion Risks:

  • Fires and Explosions generate a high risk for people, the environment and production installations. The consequences are the significant development of heat and pressure.
  • The fire and explosion safety of an installation is determined by risk factors of the process and products.
  • High drying temperatures and material product characteristics can develop dangerous smouldering ἀres in the production process.
  • Use of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analysis for early fire detection is recommended according to VDI guideline 2263 part 7 and 7.1 and the robecco CO System is a proven technology.
  • Early detection of smouldering fires allows the operators to mitigate fire propagation with help of technical measures. Continuous Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring is essential to ensure prevention against fires and explosions.

· Mills
· Spray Dryers
· Dryers
· Filters – Dust Collectors
· Silos
· Conveyers
· Seperators
· Dedusting Screens
· Mixers

· Smouldering Nests
· Hot Surfaces
· Mechanically-Induced Sparks
· Sparking Electrical Equipment
· Flames
· Electrostatic Discharges

· combustible dust in powder-air mixtures


Robecco Dryer Protection (RDP)

The robecco dryer protection (CO System) avoids production stops and ensures productivity. It provides a continuous monitoring of the dryer system to detect smouldering nests or fires in a spray drier. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is given off during the Maillard reaction for example in Milk Powder spray driers when smouldering occurs due to product buildups at elevated temperatures. The Robecco CO system will detect at an early stage the development of this hazard and activate alarms and enable the user to implement emergency shutdowns or a combination with the plant’s water deluge system

Technical Characteristics:
· Continuous IR Differential CO Measurement
· ATEX Conformity
· Heated Sample Probes
· Heated Sample Lines
· Compact Construction
· User-Friendly Operation
· Visualisation of Measurements
· Simple Cost Effective Maintenance
· Minimal Spare Parts
· Data Memory
· Failure Indication
· Redundant CPU System on demand
· Drift Compensation Scheduling
· Automatic Maintenance Monitoring
· Flexible User Administration
· Reliable Performance & Low Operational Costs

Applications (examples):
Early fire detection in drying processes of:
· Milk
· Coffee
· Cacao
· Sugar
· Malt
· Tea
· Fruit Concentrate
· Blood


Robecco Dust Control (RDC)

The Robecco dust control (broken bag detector) determines in an effective way damages in filter separators. Optimisation of emission and filter monitoring guarantees high productivity. The RDC can be added as part of the robecco CO System.

Technical Characteristics:
· Emission and filter monitoring with one device
· Avoidance of visible exhaust gas plumes
· Avoidance of product losses
· Simple erection and installation

Simple maintenance of filter installations because of:
· Early detection of ongoing bag filter damage
· Location of damaged filter elements
· Opportunity for specific maintenance actions

Applications (examples): Emmission and filter monotoring in
· Process filter
· Silo roof filter
· Dedusting systems