IEP Technologies – Brilex Indoor Vent IV8

Indoor Vent IV8 on a dust collector

Explosion Vent IV8 is now certified for push flow/applications up to DN500

The Indoor Vent IV8 Flameless Explosion Vent by IEP Technologies/ Brilex is a safety device used to prevent explosions caused by dust. It consists of a vent panel that has a special quenching element on the outside to put out any flames. When there is a build-up of pressure from a dust explosion, the vent panel opens up to release the pressure and prevent further damage. The design of the vent panel is shaped like a dome, and it is suitable to use for protecting against explosion of most dust type except explosions involving metal dust.

IEP Technologies – Brilex Indoor Vent IV8 Flameless Explosion Vent for the passive explosion protection – flameless explosion venting device has superior net relief areas due to its patented design. Available now in Australia and New Zealand from CMC Technologies.

IEP BRILEX-Indoor flameless explosion vent type IV8 for venting dust explosions in production buildings.

Flameless Vent IV8 – 586mm x 920mm
– Vent Material: AISI 304
– Flame Quench material: Stainless steel
– Vent Gasket: EPDM or Food Grade Silicone
– Geometric Vent area: 5,350cm2
– Effective vent area: 3,500cm2
– Standard opening pressure Pstat: 0.1barg @ 20°C
– Includes opening sensor
For Certification Limits & Certified Volume: Please contact CMC Technologies Pty Ltd.